TRACE32 squeezes in more Python power

Lauterbach releases version 1.0 of its new Python module. This enables embedded developers to write native Python tests using the TRACE32 Remote API. 

The TRACE32 Remote API enables developers to create applications that control TRACE32 systems and can access the device under test. Several TRACE PowerView instances can be controlled simultaneously, with each instance connected to a device under test. The details of the device under test are hidden from the API; it may be a physical or virtual target, or an instruction set simulator. For embedded developers, the new module opens the door to Python´s exceptional performance for complex tasks and calculations. External libraries are available for almost any task imaginable and, as scripts become increasingly complex, developers will appreciate the benefits of the Python ecosystem. 

The TRACE32 Remote API is an open software interface that allows TRACE32 to seamlessly integrate with many third-party tools, libraries, interfaces and products, providing a toolchain that is greater than the sum of its parts. The new module leverages the full power of Python for further and closer future integrations. 

The native Python module and API will be available in the next release of the TRACE32 PowerView software and will be free of charge. The module is compatible with Python 3.6+. The new TRACE32 Python module will be published on soon.

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