Logic Analyzer

A debug system can be extended by adding a trace module or a logic analyzer. In some cases, both can be added to provide a very capable hard and software debug solution. Such a system can provide signal trace for logic analysis and protocol analysis as well as correlating power usage to the code operation.

This system extends a debug/ debug and trace system with a logic analyzer module. The extra features provided are:

  • Logic analyzer
  • Protocol analyzer (USB, CAN, I2C, etc.)
  • Energy profiling Time correlation with debug and trace tools

PowerProbe – Logic and Protocol Analyzer

The Timing/State Analyzer Module is special designed for microprocessor applications. It can work separately or in conjunction with all ICD modules. The high-speed transient recording allows very long record time when tracing peripheral lines in a microcontroller application.


• Timing Analyzer up to 400 MHz
• State Analyzer up to 100 MHz
• 64 Input Channels
• Transient Recording
• Time Correlation with RISC Trace
• Clock Qualifier for State Clock
• Mixed State and Timing Mode
• 4 State Clock Inputs
• Optional FPGA Onchip Trace
• Optional Pattern Generator
• Protocol Support for CAN, USB, etc.

PowerIntegrator – Logic and Bus Analyzer


• Timing Analyzer with 500 MHz on all Channels
• State Analyzer up to 200 MHz DDR
• 204 Input Channels
• Transient Recording
• Time Correlation with other Tracetools
• Clock Qualifier for State Clock
• Mixed State and Timing Mode
• 4 Clock Inputs
• MICTOR and Standard Probes (single ended)
• MICTOR differential Probes
• Analog Voltage and Current Probe
• 3G/DigRF Protocol Support

Reducing the energy consumption is important for many embedded designs. Energy is the product of current, voltage and time. Each of these parameters can be influenced by the control software. Therefore software developers have to constantly attempt to find the optimum for these three parameters in respect to their application. Lauterbach offers two probes to measure voltage and current over time.

TRACE32 Mixed Signal Probe

• Record digital/analog signals and correlate them with program flow
• Digital signals: 12 channels, 0V – 5V, 200 MSamples/s per channel, threshold 0.1V – 2.5V
• Analog signals: 6 single-ended voltage channels, -12V – +12V, 13-bit resolution, 2 current sense channels, up to 240mV differential shunt resistor voltage, 1 MSample/s conversion rate

TRACE32 Analog Probe

• Record analog signals and correlate them with program flow
• Analog signals: 4 voltage channels, 12-bit resolution, input range 0..5 V, impedance 1 MOhm, 3 current channels with 5% accuracy, external shunt required
• Sampling rate of 625 KSamples/sec.