AdditIonal Products

ROM Monitor

ROM monitors usually run with the EPROM simulator. Some versions are available for RS232 operation or together with evaluation boards from other 3rd party manufacturers. The communication can also be done by a customer supplied .DLL file. This allows to use any other (proprietary) communication protocol or hardware for debugging.


• Compatible with Emulator

• Support for C,C++ and ASM

• Communication via Eprom Simulator

• Communication via RS232 or customized .DLL link

• Windows9x, WindowsNT and Unix

• Monitor Code with Source

• Monitor Code Royalty Free

• Support for

486, C161..167, C161U, C165H, C165UTAH, C166CBC, H8S/2319, H8S/2329, H8S/2339, H8S/2367, H8S/2368, H8S/2377, H8S/2378, H8S/2462, H8S/2463, H8S/2472, H8S/2646, H8SX/1642, H8SX/1644, H8SX/1648, H8SX/1648G, H8SX/1648H, H8SX/1663, H8SX/1664, H8SX/1668, H8SX/1668M, H8SX/1668R, H8SX/1725, H8SX/1725S, INCA-P, MC68330, MC68331, MC68334, MC68336, MC68338, MC68340, MC68341, MC68349, MC68360, MC68EN360, MC68F333, MC68MH360, PMB2850_E-GOLD, PMB7850_E-GOLD+, PMB7860, PMB7870, PMB7880, SDA6000_M2, SH7020, SH7021,
SH7034, ST10…, TC1161, TC1162, TC1163, TC1164, TC1165, TC1166, TC1762, TC1764, TC1766, TC1766ED, TC1792, TC1796, TC1796ED, TC1796L, V40, XC161CJ, XC161CS, XC164CM, XC164CS, XC167CI, XC2000ED, XC2210U, XC2220L, XC2220U, XC2224L, XC2230L, XC2234L, XC2234N, XC2236N, XC2237M, XC2238M, XC2238N, XC2263M, XC2263N, XC2264, XC2265M, XC2265N, XC2267, XC2267M, XC2268I, XC2268N, XC2269I, XC2285, XC2285M, XC2286, XC2286M, XC2287, XC2287M, XC2288H, XC2288I, XC2289H, XC2289I, XC2297H, XC2298H, XC2299H, XC2310S, XC2320D, XC2320S, XC2321D, XC2330D, XC2331D, XC2336A, XC2336B, XC2361A, XC2361B, XC2361E, XC2363A, XC2363B, XC2364A, XC2364B, XC2365, XC2365A, XC2365B, XC2367E, XC2368E, XC2385A, XC2387, XC2387A, XC2387C, XC2387E, XC2388C, XC2388E, XC2712X, XC2722X, XC2723X, XC2733X, XC2734X, XC2735X, XC2764X, XC2765X, XC2766X, XC2768X, XC2785X, XC2786X, XC2787X, XC2788X, XC2797X, XE160FU, XE161FL, XE161FU, XE162FL, XE162FM, XE162FN, XE162HM, XE162HN, XE164F, XE164FM, XE164FN, XE164G, XE164GM, XE164GN, XE164H, XE164HM, XE164HN, XE164K, XE164KM, XE164KN, XE167F, XE167FH, XE167FM, XE167G, XE167GM, XE167H, XE167HM, XE167K, XE167KM, XE169FH