Software-only Debugger

Development is increasingly being under- taken in virtual targets, RTL simulators and emulators. As the technology and market leader of microprocessor devel- opment tools, Lauterbach is active in this development area, i.e. TRACE32 as a FrontEnd allows debugging and tracing of virtual prototypes as well as accessing emulation models via separate Back-End interfaces. Furthermore, Lauterbach is ready to support debugging solutions for native connections between host and target.

Systems are becoming increasingly complex with more cores, peripherals, GPU and DSP integration and complex memory hierarchy. Tackling this complexity with system level validation from the early stages of product development on virtual prototypes, RTL simulators and emulators helps engineers to avoid potential problems that might otherwise surface only after tape-out.

Therefore, debugging of virtual prototypes is becoming an important feature. Lauterbach has been working closely with semiconductor design companies and leading EDA partners to provide debugging and trace solutions for pre-silicon hardware and software development and validation.

TRACE32 controls the virtual prototype via the universal GUI PowerView as FrontEnd and accesses the simulator and emulator models via a separate Back End interface.The experience and knowledge originating from developing hardware debugging tools has flowed into the development of software-only tools, which ensures the development efficiency and endows the products with high quality, reliability and universality. For example the scripts generated for the virtual targets can be reused later on for the real targets.

Lauterbach provides in addition to its hardware-based debug and trace tools pure software debuggers. These debuggers are used to debug RTL simulations / emulations and virtual targets in the presilicon phase of a project, and – relatively new – to debug the target via native host interfaces such as USB.

Virtual Targets


USB and Intel® DCI.DbC

USB and Tessent Embedded Analytics

TRACE32 Simulators

TRACE32 Software-Only Products are licensed via TRACE32 Floating Licenses.