QuadProbe for Intel® Processors


• QuadProbe MIPI60-Q provides debug capability for up to 4 debug connectors on a single target
• Support for standard JTAG, debug HOOKs and I2C bus
• Support for merged debug ports (two JTAG chains per debug connector)
• Support for survivability features (threshold, slew rate, and more)
• Voltage range 1.0 V to 1.8 V
• SMP debugging for multi-socket targets
• SMP debugging of hundreds of threads
• AMP debugging with other architectures
• BIOS/UEFI debugging with tailor-made GUI for all UEFI phases
• Linux- and Windows-aware debugging
• Hypervisor debugging

Configuration on the left side: standard configuration of TRACE32® QuadProbe.
Configuration in the middle: standard configuration with trace capability for Intel® Processor Trace data conveyed off-chip.
Configuration on the right side: configuration for four debug connectors.