Lauterbach GmbH

Lauterbach is the largest manufacturer of emulators and debuggers worldwide. Founded in 1979 the company has over 30 years of experience in embedded microprocessor designs and development tools.

Lauterbach’s product line TRACE32® supports technologies like JTAG, SWD, NEXUS or ETM with embedded debuggers and software and hardware trace. This support is provided for almost 100 cores deployed in over 5000 chip families like ARC, Arm® Cortex®-A/-R/-M, Neoverse and Armv9, RISC-V®, Power Architecture®, TriCore, RH850, Xtensa® etc.

Single source

Everything that is required for emulation, debugging, real-time trace and logic analysis in embedded designs can be supplied by Lauterbach. Since all of the software and hardware modules are developed by Lauterbach in Höhenkirchen-Siegertsbrunn this ensures optimum integration between individual components.

Impression Headquarters Lauterbach GmbH in München (D)

Open system

Lauterbach’s TRACE32® configurations have open interfaces to other products in the tool chain. Long-standing partnerships with all well-known suppliers in the embedded sector guarantee un-paralleled inter-operation. For example, TRACE32® already offers exceptional integration with numerous compilers, real-time operating systems and case tools, all of which have been extensively tested under practical conditions.

Open user interface

All Lauterbach products are supplied with the same TRACE32-PowerView user interface. Customers who have been trained once will find it easy to switch to any other system in the range of TRACE32® products.

Long-term investment

The decision to make Lauterbach systems modular and to provide an open interface has meant that customers can protect their investment and guard against obsolescence. First generation TRACE32® systems have been compatible with follow up devices for over 10 years. Systems are easily scalable so that an entry-level system can be upgraded with additional technology without a problem and at a low cost. Proven to be Long-term investments through modularity and compatibility.

The full array of architectures supported

With very few exceptions TRACE32® is able to support all well-known processor architectures from 8-bit to 64-bit. Customers increasingly demand this unique feature because development cycles of modern products are becoming shorter and it is often necessary to change to another suitable processor for the next project. The ability for the same tools with little or no modification to be used is a real plus for Lauterbach systems. Today more than 1000 different microcontrollers are supported.

Why Lauterbach?

Lauterbach’s detailed knowledge of the debug and trace infrastructure of thousands of chips, their decades of experience in the field, and their ability to integrate with many other tools has made Lauterbach the de-facto experts!

Heterogenous Multicore Debugging

A single debugger for all cores of a multicore chip – that is Lauterbach’s policy. The number of supported core architectures is almost a hundred, and counting.

Trace-Based Profiling

Lauterbach’s real-time trace tools for serial/parallel trace ports allow to stream the trace data to the host PC. These enable you to analyze the timing of your embedded system in detail.

Debugging of Complex Systems

Lauterbach deliver a variety of extensions that allow for seamless debugging of complex systems including boot loader, hypervisor and several concurrent operating systems.

Trusted Tools for Functional Safety

Lauterbach’s Tool Qualification Support Kit (TQSK) provides a convenient and comprehensive way to qualify the tools for your safety-related projects.

Open Software Interfaces

Lauterbach’s software works closely with software from other vendors, allowing you the freedom to choose the best partner for a specific purpose.

Early Support for New Developments

Thanks to the close co-operation with all market players, Lauterbach can provide tools for the latest technology when you want to start your project.

First Class Support

Lauterbach’s combination of first level support and trainings backed by support directly from the debug expert is the key to their success. Support is free for the entire product lifetime.

Tools that grow with your Challenges

From simple applications to complex multi-processor, multi-os systems, TRACE32® is always the right choice. And it will always be the perfect fit for your next project.