TRACE32 now offers Cloud licensing

Lauterbach are pleased to announce the extension of their software licensing for TRACE32 to include cloud-based licenses. TRACE32 has always been a hardware-based debug tool and recently has expanded to include pure software-based debuggers, for example: Instruction Set Simulators, support for virtual targets and RTL simulations/emulations, and debugging via native host interfaces such as USB. Historically, these have all required a local RLM license server to be configured and to provide the floating licenses to each client. 

Licenses can now also be managed in the RLMCloud. Each customer can have their own set of virtual license servers. New licenses can be added to the cloud very quickly and removes the need for local IT staff to understand and manage local license servers. Cloud based licensing allows each license to be made available in the nearest cloud server to reduce licensing acquisition latency. For customers who cannot connect their development systems to the Internet, the existing local RLM license server will still also be supported.

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