The inside scoop on your iMX SDMA

Lauterbach are pleased to announce support for the SDMA engine in the NXP iMX family of processors. The iMX devices are designed for demanding applications in various fields, including Automotive, Avionics and Transport, Robotics, Building Control, Healthcare, and General HMI solutions 

Historically, DMA transfers have been beyond the scope of debug tools, often appearing as a ‘black box’ within the target CPU. The DMA controller is designed to move blocks of data between main memory and peripherals (and vice versa) without the need for intervention by the central processor. Now, developers have the tools they need to be able to interrogate the SDMA engine’s memory and registers, to set breakpoints, to interrupt transfers and to step through the SDMA engine’s control scripts. 

This feature will be available from the 2nd May 2020 to Lauterbach customers. Initially, support for iMX6 is included but this will be extended to support other iMX devices.

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