TRACE32 Debug and Trace Support for Arm´s First Armv9-Based Cores

Lauterbach´s TRACE32® tools provide full debug and trace support for the first generation of Arm® cores based on the new Armv9 architecture. 

The first supported Armv9-A big.LITTLE pair includes the Arm Cortex®-A710 and the Cortex-A510. The Cortex-A710 delivers the best balance of performance and efficiency, whilst the Cortex-A510 is highly efficient and can be used to save energy. Both cores are targeted at mobile computing and introduce key features for performance, power efficiency and security. 

Lauterbach also added support for two other Armv9-A based cores: the Cortex-X2, which is focused on mobile computing, designed for ultimate performance; and the Neoverse™ N2™ which is optimized for cloud-to-edge workloads and delivers best-in-class performance, efficiency and compute density. 

In April 2021, Lauterbach announced the support for the new Armv9 architecture, which is the successor of the existing Armv8 architecture. With the early support of the latest architectures, Lauterbach offers their customers state-of-the-art development tools that quickly adapt to changing market requirements. 

Norbert Weiss, Managing Director of Lauterbach GmbH says, “We are very pleased to provide support for Arm´s latest released Armv9 cores. This early support is the result of the excellent partnership and close cooperation between Arm and Lauterbach. Of course, we are constantly working to offer support for future Armv9 processors as soon as they are released by Arm.” 

If you are interested in detailed information about the debug and trace support for these cores, please contact our local engineers.

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Product Image: PowerDebug PRO

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