Lauterbach´s TRACE32 Provides Full Debug Support for Arm´s SMMU

Lauterbach´s TRACE32® tools offer full debug support of Arm´s System Memory Management Unit (SMMU) which is available in most current Arm®Cortex®-A based SoCs. SMMUs are important building blocks in Arm based chips running virtualized systems, where multiple guest operating systems are managed by a hypervisor. They independently perform address translations from virtual to physical addresses for peripherals which are capable of performing Direct Memory Access (DMA). 

Lauterbach´s TRACE32 tools allow convenient debugging of Arm SMMUs via the TRACE32 PowerView GUI, commands, and scripting. Users are provided with an easy to use and intuitive interface to the SMMU configuration. For debugging, they can view stream and sub-stream configurations, stage-1 and stage-2 page tables of the address translation, events and fault conditions as well as viewing SMMU registers and fields by name. Currently, MMU-400, MMU-401, MMU-500, and MMU-600 are fully supported with MMU-700 to follow shortly. 

“We are pleased to provide our customers with an efficient solution for debugging and tracing complex SoC’s without requiring detailed knowledge of the interaction between the multiple operating systems, as the complex decoding of the SMMU configuration is performed by our TRACE32 tools. This allows the user to focus solely on the development and debug process,” says Dr. Philipp Kröner, System Engineer at Lauterbach GmbH. 

If you are interested in detailed information about the debug support for your Arm SMMU, please contact our local engineers.

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Product Image: PowerDebug PRO

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