Lauterbach and Arduino: Pro tools for Pro Users

Lauterbach, the World’s leading debug tools provider, is pleased to announce a partnership with Arduino to bring TRACE32 support to the new range of Arduino Pro boards and devices, starting with the Portenta H7. Arduino is the first widespread Open Source hardware project and has become almost ubiquitous in microcontroller projects, since 2005. The new Arduino Pro line is aimed at a more professional user who needs the extra power and flexibility of this dual-core architecture and TRACE32 with its industry leading debug features is ideal for these developers. 

The Arduino Pro brings a more complex device to the Arduino family, offering dual processing cores and a rich range of peripherals. Systems based upon this will be much more demanding and will require tools that exceed users’ expectations. Lauterbach’s TRACE32 debugger has been at the forefront of debug technology for more than four decades, offering innovative and advanced features, and it is this wealth of experience and expertise that Arduino will draw on for the Pro family of devices. 

Each Portenta device will have a unique serial number and this can be used to download a free copy of the TRACE32 debugger that will be licensed for use with that board via a serial port. A carrier module is available for users who require advanced features, such as JTAG debugging and real-time trace. This module makes the debug and trace pins available to the TRACE32 uTrace® for Cortex-M (MIPI20T). The switch to TRACE32 uTrace® for Cortex-M is almost transparent to the user. The full versions include all debug features that work with the free version. 

According to Maurizio Menegotto, Managing Director of Lauterbach SRL, “This is a meeting of minds of two of the biggest forces in embedded computing and I am waiting with anticipation to see where the vibrant Arduino community takes this. We are honored to be working with Arduino on this exciting project and look forward to welcoming the next generation of embedded engineers to the Lauterbach community.” 

Arduino Pro Portenta H7 board and TRACE32 debugger are available now.

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