TRACE32® offers full debug and trace support for RH850/U2B

Lauterbach, the World’s leading provider of debug and trace tools, is pleased to announce debug and trace support for the RH850/U2B from Renesas, a new multicore processor family consisting of several RH850 cores and RISC-V based IP in a single die. The primary focus of the RH850/U2B is cross domain automotive control applications and family members consist of up to 8 RH850 cores, an RH850 based security module, a RISC-V based parallel processor IP with vector extensions, and a GTM 4.1 core. 

To tame such a beast during the development cycle, engineers can rely on Lauterbach’s TRACE32® debug and trace solutions. Already experts in debugging and tracing both heterogenous and homogenous multicore systems, TRACE32® is a natural fit and provides a mature and stable debug solution for the entire development cycle. TRACE32® provides complete debug support from the low-level hypervisor, through multiple guest operating systems, including kernel space and drivers, and up into middleware and application code all from a single comprehensive user interface. This allows engineers to develop code for any part of the application without having to learn new tools and improves the return on investment as well as reducing time to market. 

The RH850/U2B supports both on-chip and Aurora Gigabit (AGBT) off-chip traces, allowing developers to monitor program flow, code interactions, and to profile all aspects of the application. Using the captured trace data, it is possible to generate code coverage reports to verify the application meets internationally recognized safety standards, such as ISO26262. The same tools can produce AUTOSAR aware profiling data as well as exporting the trace data to many supported 3rd party timing verification tools. 

According to Elmar Stahleder, RH850 Product Manager at Lauterbach, “My team has worked tirelessly to support all of the new features of this device in order to develop the best tools possible for the next generation of automotive applications. We truly believe that it is easier than ever before to measure overall system performance and to determine functional safety more quickly and reliably with TRACE32®.”

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