The Right Tools Can Boost Your TriCore™ AURIX™ Designs

Lauterbach is pleased to announce support for the performance counter trace messages for Infineon AURIX™ TC27x/TC29x/TC37x/TC39x with full MCDS. Together with the instruction trace, this opens up new possibilities for optimizing application code to improve overall runtime. 

Runtime events such as cache misses or incorrect branch predictions can cause a processor stall which will have a negative impact on the performance of application code. The Infineon AURIX family of processors with a full MCDS implementation provide a way of measuring these events and generating a trace event when they occur. By matching these events to the program flow trace, it is possible to determine where in the application code these stalls are arising. Armed with that knowledge, it is possible to re-engineer the application to make better use of the underlying hardware features and improve the overall runtime performance by around 30%. An example might be to re-order calculations such that the required data for the next step is always still in the cache. 

Reducing the runtime of application code can bring big benefits to a system: timing requirements can be safely met, there is more overhead to add new features; a design can be completed without having to move to a larger, faster device. 

Says Norbert Weiss, Managing Director of Lauterbach GmbH: “This demonstrates Lauterbach’s ongoing commitment to our customers to help them continually improve their systems”.

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