Lauterbach Tools now COQOS Hypervisor Aware

Lauterbach and OpenSynergy announce their cooperation. 

Hoehenkirchen-Siegertsbrunn, Berlin, February 18, 2021. Lauterbach and OpenSynergy are pleased to announce their partnership; TRACE32 adds awareness of OpenSynergy’s COQOS hypervisor and the guest systems running on it. This provides customers an efficient way of debugging and tracing complex SoC’s without requiring detailed knowledge of the interaction between the multiple operating systems. 

Lauterbach’s tool awareness includes support for both the ARM-A and ARM-R variants of the OpenSynergy COQOS hypervisor. The COQOS hypervisors enable the safe and secure convergence of several functionalities on a single ECU or MCU while providing freedom from interference between systems of different criticality (assigned to different ASIL levels up to ASIL-D). Lauterbach’s TRACE32 debugger can visualize interrupts, debug boot code from the first instruction, and inspect all guest OS resources including application code and process tables. Using the TRACE32 trace module the developer can also analyze real-time performance of the Hypervisor and Guest OSes.  

Debugging and tracing are key steps of a development workflow. With their tools, Lauterbach supports engineers in finding the reason for erroneous results during program execution by allowing them to control the execution, inspect intermediate results or trace the program execution to perform analysis such as runtime behavior or code coverage without adding additional instrumentation to the code or stopping the SoC. This is the only way to provide 100% guarantee that the original code is tested and will run correctly. The partnership between the two companies allows customers to efficiently debug and trace different virtual machines running on one SoC by identifying the required source code and the corresponding variables and allowing the user to switch between the virtual machines at will. 

OpenSynergy’s CEO Regis Adjamah: “We are excited to have Lauterbach as part of the COQOS ecosystem. It’s an important element allowing our customers for an easy analysis and optimization of their virtualized systems. Development control is now just as easy and reliable as it was on native systems.” 

“We are proud to announce our partnership with OpenSynergy for their COQOS hypervisors as they enable highly integrated embedded systems but also add another level of complexity. The TRACE32 awareness simplifies the use of debug and trace tools to customers and therefore provides efficient error handling and analysis of the guest virtual machines.,” says Norbert Weiß, Managing Director of Lauterbach Germany. 

Developers using TRACE32 can access OpenSynergy’s COQOS awareness upon request at no extra costs. 

On the embedded world, Lauterbach´s engineers will be available to answer your questions about the future support of OpenSynergy’s hypervisors.

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