CPI2-Gx Production Gang Device Programmer offers extremely fast paneled PCB programming

The Phyton CPI2-Gx device programmers are part of the ChipProg-ISP2 series and are designed for in-system production programming. These multi-channel programmers are intended to be used with multi-PCB panels and boards. They are connected to the boards via special cables or test probes, and can be integrated into automated test equipment such as automated handlers, ICTs, and other types of ATE. The CPI2-Gx programmers are fast, reliable, and production-grade, making them suitable for mass programming of multi-board panels. Additionally, multiple CPI2-Gx units can be cascaded together to form a large-scale programming cluster for high-volume production.

The CPI2-Gx basic software enables two control options: an intuitive and friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI), or a command line. The preinstalled CPI2-ACI (dll) license enables the Application Control Interface (ACI), SDK, On-the-Fly control utility and support to the LabVIEW and TestStand by NI™. The programmer can also work in the standalone mode, without the computer control.

The Basic Device Library license which is included in the price is pre-installed. This license enables programming all currently supported flash memory devices and such popular microcontrollers as AVR®, PIC® as well as others. Support of CPLDs and/or more complex MCUs, requires purchasing one or more optional CPI2-D-XXXX target-specific device library licenses. Appropriate device library licenses are required for programming ARM Cortex® MCUs from various manufacturers, TriCore™ AURIX, Power Architecture™, STM8™, PIC32®, C2000™, MSP430™ and other complex devices. Mixes of different devices installed on the same boards can be programmed by different sites of the same gang programmer in parallel.

The CPI2-Gx device programmers support a wide range of embedded microcontrollers, CPLDs, SPI flash, and other memory devices. “The customers can check on Phyton Inc website whether the CPI2-Gx supports their device and if it does not yet, they can send an inquiry to Phyton Inc, and the company will do their best to satisfy the customer’s request promptly”, explains Mr. Isaak Grinberg, CEO of Phyton Inc. Phyton provides a wide range of support and flexibility for their customers.

The Phyton ChipProg programmers support customers all the way from development to the production of batches of their products. “Our product-offering provides a comprehensive solution for embedded development, debugging, and programming, allowing customers to streamline their development process and achieve efficient production, says Mr. Robbert de Voogt, on behalf of TRITEC Benelux B.V.

Tritec is providing a strong support for their customers by offering the best tools from different companies to reach their goals.

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