Phyton, Inc.

Phyton has 22 years of experience in designing and selling two types of products, Device programmers for engineering and manufacturing and Development tools for embedded microcontrollers - IDEs, C compilers, JTAG-, OCD- and in-circuit emulators.


Phyton produces and sells a line of extremely fast, cost-effective device programmers for engineering and production and programming adapters for them.

Phyton Device Programmers

ChipProg™ is our economical, professional quality device programmer line. It spans the range from inexpensive engineering tools to extremely high speed gang programming machines for volume production. Today we support device programming for 49,449 devices and normally the number is updated once or twice a month.

Our device programmers support in-socket and in-system programming for NOR and NAND flash memories, serial and parallel EPROMs and EEPROMs, embedded microcontrollers and programmable logical devices (PLDs).

ChipProg™ device programmers can be operated either from a host computer or from an external environment via a DLL. The software is also featured with an easy-to-use script language.

Hundreds of programming socket adapters and ISP cables are available.