Lauterbach and Evidence Collaborate

Lauterbach and Evidence Collaborate on OSEK/VDX Tool Chain 

Lauterbach and Evidence, a leader in open source embedded systems, announced a partnership, where Lauterbach's outstanding debugger TRACE32 supports seamlessly Evidence' ERIKA Enterprise, the first open source, royalty free, OSEK/VDX certified RTOS. 

ERIKA Enterprise and its companion RT-Druid is a complete open source, royalty free development environment for OSEK/VDX compliant systems. Based on Eclipse, it works with OSEK-OIL files and several compilers on several architectures, with GCC being "built in". When building the ECU application, RT-Druid also generates several support files for the debugger, like the OSEK/ORTI file for OS Awareness and ready-to-run startup scripts for TRACE32. 

With Lauterbach's TRACE32 debugger, the developer then can download, run and test his application on the real hardware. Using the TRACE32 Instruction Set Simulator, one can even test and debug the application before the ECU hardware is available. The close cooperation of Lauterbach and Evidence ensures a smooth collaboration of all tools. 

By loading the generated OSEK/ORTI files, TRACE32 displays an additional OS awareness menu. All OS objects, like tasks, alarms, resources, can be displayed and inspected. If the CPU in use allows memory access through JTAG while running, all those objects can be viewed in real-time, without affecting the application's run-time at all. When halted, the debugger reads the current state of the target and displays all relevant information, like the current active task. By recurrently reading the PC and current task, the debugger can also create a statistical performance analysis, giving a quick overview of the most time consuming functions and tasks. 

If you have a real-time trace available, the debugger can collect the CPU activities over time, without affecting the run-time of the application. After collecting this information, an accurate performance analysis is available, showing you min/max run-times, function nesting, and overall time consumption of tasks and functions in graphical and statistical windows. 

With the contents of this real-time trace, the debugger can also calculate an object code based code coverage, including decision coverage. Colour highlighted windows show missing coverage on several granularity steps, like modules, functions, source lines or even assembly instructions. 

TRACE32 can export the contents of the trace in several formats, supporting external tools for further timing analysis, e.g. comparisons of the real-time run against requirements and constraints. 

A full ready-to-run example with the TRACE32 Instruction Set Simulator for PowerPC and an ERIKA Enterprise demo project is available for download on the Lauterbach homepage 

Alternatively, evaluation versions of the TRACE32 Instruction Set Simulators are available at: 
TRACE32 Instruction Set Simulator 

The ERIKA Enterprise development environment is available at: