µTrace® supports new NXP LPC54100 series microcontrollers

Lauterbach has announced its support for the new NXP LPC54100 Series of microcontrollers, recently introduced by NXP, which achieves industry leading power efficiency and is ideally suited for "always-on" sensor-based products

Lauterbach have supported the LPC54100 Series of microcontrollers since the beginning with µTrace®, a proven and popular debug and trace tool for Cortex®-M based processors. The tool uses USB 3.0 for connection to the host and connects to the LPC54100 via Serial Wire Debug (SWD) interface. The developer can control the operation of the program and analyze the data in C and C++ by the use of simple and complex breakpoints. An analog probe can be connected to µTrace to read the current and voltage measurements for energy profiling, which enables developers to fine-tune their software for minimal power usage. 

The LPC54100 Series features an asymmetric dual-core architecture to enable scalable active power and performance by using a Cortex-M0+ and a Cortex-M4F for different sensor-processing tasks to optimize power efficiency. µTrace fully supports this type of asymmetric multicore processing (AMP) debugging by starting an individual TRACE32 instance for each core. 

"The features of µTrace are an ideal complement to the LPC54100 family, enabling customers to optimize their always-on products", said Brendon Slade, the Director of Tools and Embedded Ecosystem from NXP. "The support that the Lauterbach tools provide for the LPC54100 multicore architecture also gives developers the debugging facilities needed fully exploit the capabilities of the device family."

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