Lauterbach TRACE32® Free basic & in-depth training

Training manuals & Reference cards

Basic & in-depth training manuals and reference cards are available for free. For a perfect start and for reference purposes as well. Lauterbach created training manuals and reference cards for all functionality. Basic understanding of the TRACE32® tools, as well as in-depth background information on more complex issues like real-time tracing tracing are all covered and explained by clear examples.

Training Manuals

The New All-in-One Solution for Cortex™-M Family

Lauterbach µTrace for Cortex-M

A new all-in-one debug and trace solution has been developed by Lauterbach in response to the breakthrough of Cortex-M processors into the embedded market. This lower cost system called µTrace specifically targets the Cortex-M family. The Lauterbach µTrace® now supports the new ARM® Cortex®-M7 Processor.

Windows Embedded Compact RTOS family

Support Windows Embedded Compact 2013 available

Lauterbach has recently extended its support for the Windows Embedded Compact RTOS family. It now supports the latest version "Windows Embedded Compact 2013". The "TRACE32" debugger is also compatible with the new Microsoft ARM compiler with Thumb2 code generation that is included. TRACE32 therefore provides easy and integrated development and test of kernel, drivers, processes and DLLs. By adding a hardware trace module to the system, the user can execute real-time performance analysis down to thread level.